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    Andres Andrews is a seasoned musician, finally ready to follow the solo path with all of his heart. It was never a question if he had a passion for music. In the 90s, he found himself swept away in the euro-dance crazes of the times in his hometown of Frankfurt, Germany. The acid and trance techno sounds buzzed around in his brain and has never left him since. Once he decided to pursue music production, he quickly found himself focusing on the core elements that drew him in as a listener. Whether that be making sure every bass drop shakes the dance floor or comprising a melody that would stick with you long after you first heard it, Andres made sure it was perfect. Whenever life has consumed him, he has always found an “isle of freedom” when it comes to music.

    Over the years, he has honed his sound and specializes in a myriad of genres, though he always finds himself back at EDM and House music. The joy on people’s faces when their feet start moving has always been a point of pride for Andres, but he also likes to switch it up to Chillout music and invite the listener on a higher journey. Being a veteran in the industry, he has collaborated with several artists, even producing hip-hop projects for rising talent. Now, Andres is finally ready to take center stage with the release of his debut single, “The Hill.” The deep bass pads and woozy synthesizers show one side of his story, and he is excited to share his versatility with his upcoming releases!